Guess What is More Popular
than Cash?

by | Jan 12, 2017

Remember when ‘Cash is King!’ was the motto for purchases. Not anymore. Now it’s Debit Cards.

Just look at these numbers:

• In 2000, there were 8 Billion payments made with debit cards.
• In 2012, there were 47 Billion payments made with debit cards. A 580% increase.

There are 165 Million debit cards issued each year (new cards and reissued cards).

MasterCard had 183 Million cards active in the U.S. in 2015. There were 13 Billion debit card transactions in 2014 accounting for $536 Billion in sales.

In 2014 debit card holders averaged 21 point-of- sale transactions per month and spent an average of $9291 per year using debit cards. The average debit transaction was $37. And fully one-third of debit transactions were less than $10.

Americans are using debit cards more for making purchases and less for ATM cash withdrawals (2 ATM withdrawals per month in 2014 – down from 3.4 ATM withdrawals per month in 2005 – a decline of 41%).

Americans are using debit cards more and more for making purchases.

In 2014, 50% of consumers said that were most likely to use a debit card when shopping at a supermarket.

The features of debit cards most valued by cardholders include:

• 66% – Having purchases directly deducted from their account
• 55% – Getting cash from ATMs
• 44% – Using the card online as well as at a physical store
• 37% – Being protected against fraudulent use of their card

Debit Cards are King!


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